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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  August 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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opportunities don't wait around, so you have to be ready for them. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at >> after donald trump's latest campaign shake up. is it too little too late? >> sometimes in the heat of debate you continue choose the right words. believe it or not, i regret it. >> a top trump advisor weighs in. >> also an alternative to hillary clinton? one-on-one with green party candidate jill stein and is this city the next flint? shocking environmental injustice in indiana with generations of children at risk. >> two of the children have tested positive for lead in their blood. >> it's not fair. we should have been notified.
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plus, the new gop push to roll back early voting, the fight over voting rights in 2016. this is politics nation with al sharpton. >> good morning, i'm al sharpton. we start this morning with a question, what is donald trump up to? he is entering his first full week with a new campaign team. he is finally out with his first political ad of the general election and after a year of controversial rhetoric, he is finally apologizing. kind of. >> sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking of a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words. or you say the wrong thing.
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i have done that. believe it or not i regret it. and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> but trump didn't name a single specific thing he refwgrs and his new campaign team is widely expected to let trump be trump instead of reigning him in. now even some conservatives wondering what is his goal? one gop senator is wondering if trump is already in post election mode preparing to monetize by launching a cable network. they speculated that trump is trying to lose the election. >> i have no hard proof for my theory but i think the relevant question is do people actually think that donald trump is
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trying to win? it may be nothing but is this the conduct from somebody that's trying to win? i don't see it. >> even limbaugh is bashing trump's strategy of bashing the media. >> now you're seeing what happens when you go after the media. it doesn't work. no matter what a bunch of prodemocrat creeps they are. it never works going after them if you're the candidate. it makes you look small. >> for trump, the national polls are brutal. clinton ahead in all of them and for those thinking that this might be the one that sticks, here's what he said at the start. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about well you're
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going to pivot. i don't want to pivot. you have to be you. if you start pivoting you're not being honest with people. >> i'm joined now by the senior advisor to the trump campaign and former aid to the mccain-palin campaign. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we saw donald trump talk this week about he had some regrets. does ma mean we'll see a kinder gentler trump? will he apologize specifically for some controversial statements? >> that was a personal speech by him and he said things that hurt him and now he and the campaign is looking forward. >> wouldn't that have been more effective if he stated what exactly he was sorry for and apologized? it would have been a very long speech because a lot of
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people -- he has had various -- >> it would have been a long speech because that's not the point of the speech. the point of the speech was to talk about national security and law and order and the economy and went to law and order on tuesday and that wasn't the point of the speech. that was a part of the speech but it was a long speech focused on the message of the economy and national security and the failures of hillary clinton. >> in the spirit of regrets, catrina fear is on was on this network and said that hillary clinton had a brain disease. do you think the campaign ought to apologize about that? >> you'd have to ask her about that. >> she's a spokeswoman for the campaign. >> katrina decided to say that. that's up to her and i'd ask her that question.
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>> before paul re-signed this week you said the campaign was going through campaign expansion and not a shake up. are you sticking by that? >> it's not about the staffers. people in ohio don care about that. we have a strong team right now. kelly ann conway has been in politics a long time and is also a business woman and steven that's successful business man and media but the key is the candidate and the message of national security and the economy. >> all right. well some people are saying trump is laying the ground work for a media empire afterward and that's why he brought him in. >> that's a conspiracy theory.
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this is headed by donald trump that's focused on winning. not for politics and himself but because this country needs him. >> is trump worried about the polls? >> no. >> why does he talk about the polls every speech until he started losing. >> if you look at the people that came out four days ago within four pointsor two points and the polls are tightening and in ohio and florida as well. there's 78 days to go now reverend and plenty of time for the message to ring true to the voters of national security and also you have to think about who hillary clinton is as a candidate. the fact that the clinton foundation said if they're elected she'll stop taking foreign money. they made that promise when she became secretary of state. >> we don't know where your candidate's money comes from. he doesn't put out tax reform. >> he puts out his financial statement which is required of
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him. >> he made an appeal twice this week to african american voters and said something to the effect of try something new but he's not new. give me his track record in the black community. we can't find any black businesses he ever contracted. he has not gone to any black gatherings including the churches of the few black ministers that endorsed him. so support him as something new what does that mean? >> he is somebody that's bringing fresh ideas on how to revitalize the inner cities of chicago, milwaukee and detroit. >> he's been here for decades. >> he employed plenty of minorities. >> lynn patton. >> she is executive vice president. >> of donald trump jr. >> he is start of the trump organization. if you look at the trump organization, plenty of
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minorities and women but he is running for president. the democrats have no track record on this at all. >> hillary clinton has a long track record in the black community but he says try something new i don't know if everything new is good but you're the first one that would come from the trump campaign on a sunday morning and i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. >> all right. >> joining me now is michael of the daily beast. thank you for being here michael. >> my pleasure, al. >> what did you make of what you just heard from the trump campai campaign. i'll say this much for the past week. he did something to give disciplined speeches. he didn't manage to say anything really crazy or really out there. so there is that. so maybe he can do it for a week at least as we have seen.
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it's true that as boris said there are 78 days left so i suppose in theory there's time for trump to show his kinder gentler side as you put it but, you know, his hiring of steve done indicate that's the direction he wants to go in. he thinks fox news is for softies and once called the weekly standard of the national review, those are the leading conservative opinion journals, called them left wing magazines. this guy is really, really far right and. >> way to the right. >> what about the latest reboot when you mention them. tell me what this signals. if he's talking about being kind letter and gentler and going down to louisiana friday but he's hired a -- he's to the
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extreme right and combative and comes with all kinds of conspiracy theories. >> it's a strange mixture. it's like the two of them have different jobs almost. most people saw conway's fingerprints on the apology speech. something designed to reach out to all voters in the middle and in his trump to louisiana. those were probably conway productio productions. but trump only listens to people that tell him what he wants to hear. manaf manafort stops telling him what he juans to hear and he is gone. >> we're running out of time. we're seeing trump's first general election tv ad.
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here's some of it. >> in hillary clinton's america the system stays rigged against americans. syrian refugees flood in. illegal immigrants convicted of come mitting crimes get to stay. donald trump's america is secure. terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. the borders, secure, our families safe. >> it talks about a rigged system and immigration. is that his general election message? >> yeah. sounds like it is. that and crooked hilary, crooked hilary. it's going to be mostly that last thing and a little bit on the issues. as much as he has to dish out. it's always sad that terrorism, fear of terrorism helps the republican candidate and that's usually been the case but i'm not so sure with trump because he demonstrated himself as so erratic and so unpredictable and
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all of these generals coming out against him and national security people coming out against him. he's not sure the terrorism card works well for him because of who he is. >> thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you, al. >> up next, one-on-one with green party candidate for president, jill stein. is she the alternative to hillary clinton? and later, voting rights and donald trump's call for poll watchers. isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. 80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more.
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>> bernie sanders supporters at the democratic convention signaling they would back jill stein over hillary clinton.
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stein is trying to position herself as the option for progressives that don't want either clinton or donald trump and she has been making some tough sames about the various clinton controversies. >> part of the problem with hillary is abuse of the rules. she was sort of too big to jail on the rules and she violated those rules with a sense of impunity. >> but she trails in the polls. the green party is in 4th place in nbc's latest four way national poll. joining me now is jill stein, green party candidate for president. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> first, let me ask you, jill, what do you say to progressives that worry that a vote for you might tilt the election to donald trump? >> well, i'd say it's a little
5:18 am
early to say. right now the majority of voters does not like hillary clinton and does not like donald trump. these are the most disliked and untrusted presidential can days in our history and the majority of voters are are calling for other choices and other voices. my sense is let's let the discussion go forward. who are we to tell voters to be good little boys and girls when the system has been throwing them under the bus, both parties sending our jobs overseas, putting downward pressure on our wages. we have young people trapped in student loan debt with no way out. expanding wars, you name it. this politics of fear that tells you to vote for the lesser evil, all of those reasons that we were told about we have gotten by the droves. the wall street bailouts, the melt down of the climate, the expanding wars so people are
5:19 am
unhappy campers. they want some other choices. we need to open up the debates and let's have democracy go forward and sort this out. >> now let me show you what donald trump said about this very issue last month. >> i think a vote for stein would be good. that's the green party. because anybody voting for stein is going to be for hilary. so voting for stein is fine. he said a vote for you will be a vote for donald trump. what is your response? >> donald trump is not exactly the expert political analyst these days as we see his own campaign falling apart. he's firing his campaign manager and trying to reorganize. it's the republican party falling apart at the seems right now and all the republican leadership has moved over to hillary clinton's campaign as hillary clinton continues to move to the right and give indications that she is actually
5:20 am
flip flopping again from the progressive positions she adopted in her appointment of ken salazar. we have a lob yis that's close to the fossil fuel industry that supports the transpacific partnership which will devastate american jobs and our protections for public health and workers and democratic sovereignty so donald trump is hardly the expert here. >> okay. he has this week twice appealed to african american voters and he is saying they should vote for him. try something new. how do you respond to that and are you saying that or do you have a track record in the african american community or are you doing that? or are you saying african americans should try something new. you have a running mate that's african american. but i'm talking about you,
5:21 am
you're involvement. >> great. yes i should mention also cornell west and mark lamont hill that are noted spokes people from the african american community. >> but i'm talking about your involvement. >> yes, my involvement. i helped with the movement to redistrict in my home state in massachusetts working with the african american community to attain more just redistricting in our state. i got my start in this as a medical doctor, very concerned about environmental racism and began my activism around developing greater protections in particular for kmuns of color related to the coal plants in african american communities. so yes i have quite a track record. >> are you going to go after actively campaigning for the african american voters. >> i already am.
5:22 am
i just came this past week from minnesota where i spoke in the twin cities. >> okay. were you disappointed bernie sanders didn't endorse you when some of his supporters have come over to you? >> you know, i can't say i was disappointed. i was hopeful that maybe bernie would change his tune but he's been very clear and consistent all along. >> clear and consistent as a dell cat. >> that he would support the democratic no, ma' democratic nominee. bernie is a team player. i happen to think he's on the wrong team but he's a man of integrity and i had every reason to expect bernie to fulfill his word. >> jill stein, thank you for being here this morning. >> great talking with you reverend. >> straight ahead is this city the next flint? environmental injustice hits indiana and later, junk science from the right. the trump campaign spreads rumors about clinton's health.
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legalzoom. legal help is here. >> 250 miles away from flint michigan we're seeing another shocking example of environmental injustice. that may have effected generations of kids. it's happening in east chicago indiana and entire low income housing complex is being vacated and then demolished and an elementary school is being emptied. it's kids moved out all because of dangerously high levels of lead and arson. >> epa signs surround the homes in the complex in east chicago warning presidents don't play in the dirt or around the mulch. >> nearly 700 of them children
5:27 am
were warned that they should move because of the led contamination. >> the land was home to a lead facility. elevated levels were discovered as the epa clean up was to begin. for mothers, the main priority is making sure their kids are safe. >> two of the children tested positive for lead in their blood. >> she plays like any other toddler but beyond the giggles is a potentially serious problem 33 grams. >> the dangerous level would be a 5 and my child's result was a 33. that's scary. >> this neighborhood was built back in the 70s, generations of kids have been raised there and only now are we learning that the soil itself, is dangerous.
5:28 am
joining me now is the indiana state senator helping to lead the community efforts to address this crisis. first of all, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me reverend. i appreciate it. >> first what is happening in the neighborhood right now. >> right now it's a chaotic situation. you have residents confused and angry and upset. they understand what's happening and how all of a sudden overnight something of this nature could occur to them. they're being uprooted in terms of the community they have known for years for a dangerous ground situation concerning contamination that they never were aware of. >> in fact they're beginning to speak out about the crisis on local news. watch this. >> i googled lead and it said miscarriages, stillborn, vomiting, diarrhea. i have been going through all of that and i just lost my baby and
5:29 am
the young lady across the street had a baby and the baby came out a stillborn. >> thinking about her potentially developing like add or something, causing her to fall behind in school and not keep up. it's not fair. we should have been notified. >> what kind of toll is this taking on residents in the community? >> a real serious one in terms of not just health but emotionally and mentally as well. a lot of the families have been suffering different illnesses. and kids getting colds, flus, cancer situations people dying and they never knew what the problem was and now because of the lead contamination in the ground now they're starting to realize maybe it's related to the contamination going on now. >> that's what i want to question because the housing complex was built in 1972.
5:30 am
so why are residents just learning about this now senator? >> that's a good question and the shocking thing about this whole matter. i just discovered the extent of everything about three weeks ago. i got a phone call indicating they got a letter indicating that they have to evacuate and relocate the property within 90 days. >> when was this letter sent? >> about three weeks ago. >> well, in 2010 federal investigators studied the area and issued a report that said, quoting, i'm quoting the report, breathing the air, drinking tap water or playing in soil around the uss lead site is not expected to harm people's health. yet now they are going to demolish hundreds of homes. >> that's right. there's been misinformation
5:31 am
given to the people there which is why so many residents are angry because they were never being up front in terms of telling truthfully what's going on in the neighborhood. now all of a sudden they're telling them it's dangerous and it could have an effect on your health. could have an effect on your kids. now they have to uproot a location and do it within 90 days and then two or three days later that they'll come in and demolish the location so something is happening someone had to know something before now. >> we're going to stay on this story. thank you for your leadership here. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, is team clinton
5:32 am
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let's do more. add one a day men's gummies. complete with key nutrients plus b vitamins to help convert food into fuel. one a day. >> with three months until the election hillary clinton is a clear favorite to win the white house. she is leading in the polls in every swing state and even started pulling ads out of some battlegrounds to move resources to traditionally red states. she announced her transition team but both clinton and her running mate tim kaine are trying to stress they're not taking the race for granted.
5:36 am
>> it's going to be a season of surprises. you'll have to aassume that there's going to be more. >> don be complacent my friends. i'm not taking anybody anywhere for granted. >> joining me now she is from move and also the former deputy battleground state director for the obama campaign and republican strategist, thank you for being here. >> great to be here. >> thank you for having us reverent. >> is there a risk that the clinton campaign is getting overconfident or that she is seen measuring the drapes to the white house already. >> there's 78 days left until the november 8th election and that is a lifetime in politics
5:37 am
so democrats should not be come plaza sen and we have to remember these polls are a snapshot in time. they'll go up and down and we need to be mindful of that but at the end of this day, this game -- >> we had one of trump's advisors say they're already narrowing. >> i'm sure their internal pollings as well but this race is going to be played on the ground. it's all about that magic number of 270. she is expanding the map and his map is shrinking. that's what they are paying attention to. they're looking at their own internal pollings and like we were mentioning they should not be complacent because anything can happen. >> susan the trump people are down to even floating conspiracy theories. they have got this one going
5:38 am
around about clinton's health. watch this. >> she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. >> she said she done have the strength or the stamina for a very long time. that part is nothing new. what's new is the other reports of the observations of her behavior and manuerism. >> i guess she takes a lot of weekends. she takes a lot of time off. >> >> the clinton people pushed back hard on that. is that a mistake? should they have just ignored this. >> i'm not a doctor so i have no idea what her medical condition will be but i will follow suit of her new campaign manager that said on thursday on hard ball that she done believe this is the way to go. the way to tackle donald trump is on the issues and what
5:39 am
matters most. there's no room for this and it's a bunch of nonsense and that's where we're about to see donald trump go is that he's learning there's a way to get to voters and still be himself. >> but it's trump's people pushing this. >> i think we'll see a change from that. this new campaign team is moving in and they're going to move away from that. from what i've heard from kelly ann. >> it's not her word you have to be concerned about here but we'll see if she can contain donald trump. >> i think we are going to see the polls tighten because if he is able to keep up the message over the last week and start to round the rough corners they can get back republicans. right thousand we're in the high
5:40 am
70s. they need to move into the low 90s. that will be step 1 and step 2 will be the post labor day game. >> what do you think, you ran battleground states, what do you think of the clinton people pulling ads in some of the swing states. >> well, it's an interesting strategy because they're looking at their internal pollings. colorado and virginia are two very different states in the sense that they are trending more democratic and colorado has a large number of latino voters so that state has become pretty much in good standing and virginia is becoming also more democratic so it makes sense that that's happening. >> kaine doesn't hurt. >> that's right and then you have traditionally republican states potentially in play.
5:41 am
georgia, arizona, missouri. >> this is the latest poll. it looked at whether voters think clinton is honest and trustworthy. just 12% of democrats described her that way. can she do anything to fix that? and isn't trump going to hit that issue the hardest? >> the only time she really had to fix that was convention to labor day and that number is not being fixed. so it will be a referendum election. either way americans are going to elect a president they don't like and they don't trust. >> the word for the clintons is turn out. how is she going to inspire turn out if people are not into her as we would say. >> she he is doing something that donald trump is not doing
5:42 am
now. face to face, door to door, on the ground having a real field operation and that's where the came is going to be played she has 200-1 more staffers. >> early voting is a start. >> >> thank you both for joining me. >> thank you reverend. good to be here. >> ahead, is it the new voter intimidation? trump's claims of voter fraud and what it could mean for 2016 fight. but first, a revealing look at trump the man and trump the game. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience.
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>> the staff here had some fun looking at something from his past. take a look. >> the original addition came out in 1988 with this fantastic commercial. >> trump the game where you deal for everything you ever juaned to own because it's not what you win or lose, it's whether you win. >> that is amazing. >> well, the game was nailed to the shelf. >> which means it didn't sell. >> they hoped to sell about 2 million games but didn't get close. trump claimed it sold 800,000 copies but there's no firm evidence associated with that. >> so like a lot of things the numbers are fuzzy. >> exactly. he said he would give millions of dollars in proceeds to charity. >> mr. trumps proceeds from trump the game will be donated
5:47 am
to charity. >> i think i know where this is going. >> right. they both looked in and couldn't find proof trump donated the money. >> in 2004 they put out an addition with his new catch phrase. >> your fired. >> yes. >> if you're lucky to own an original copy you could make money off of it. it's selling on ebay for around $20. >> have to admit i never played the game but an overhyped product with with an underwell ming performance and sketchy promises about charity sounds a lot like 2016. >> next, trump urging his supporters to monitor polling sights. the fight over voting rights in 2016. flfsh ♪
5:48 am
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5:51 am
. go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure that other people don't vote five times. >> we have to call out law enforcement and the sheriffs and the police chiefs and everybody watching. go around and look and watch other polling places and make sure that it's 100% fine. >> donald trump proposing election monitors to patrol polling stations this november. it comes as the fight over voting rights takes center stage. for example, a court struck down the north carolina voter i.d. law but now state republicans are urging them to pull back early voting. >> it could be a fight to the finish. they obtained a copy of a recent
5:52 am
e-mail pushing them to close polling places on sundays and eliminate polling sights on college campuses. >> meantime, the clinton camp is trying to boost turn out this november with a new voter registration drive in latino communities. >> joining me is the contributing writer for the nation that's written about voting rights. his book, give us the ballot, the modern struggle for voting rights in america is out in paper back. thanks for being here. >> good to see you. >> first of all, what do you make of trump's call for poll watchers? >> it's very disturbing. first off he is saying people are going to vote 10 or 15 time which is we know is not true and then in pennsylvania people are going to cheat in certain parts of the state. he's talking about pittsburgh and fill and then it's
5:53 am
disturbing because he is talking about law enforcement monitoring the polls. >> which is illegal in pennsylvania and the republican party is blocked from doing this thing. there was a special election in new jersey back in the 1980s and the republican party put off duty sheriffs carrying weapons outside polling places in black and latino neighborhoods so the rnc cannot do these quote unquote ballot security operations that trump is calling for. >> absolutely and police just so our viewers understand, police are barred from being in the polling sites in pennsylvania. police, sheriffs, by law unless they're voting. but what do you make of his new claim that the democrats can't win unless the he had election is rigged? watch this. >> the only way we can lose in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania is if cheating goes
5:54 am
on. she can't beat what's happening here. the only way they can beat it in my opinion and i mean this 100%, if in certain sections of the state they cheat. >> now you have written extensively about his claim that the only way the democrats can win is by cheating but how do you make sense of this claim? >> it's funny he's saying that when he's down by an average of 9 points in pennsylvania. if anyone needs people to vote 10 or 15 times it's probably donald trump. but this is exceedingly rare. since 2000 there have been a billion votes cast and only 31 cases of voter impersonation because it's an inefficient and stupid way to steal an election. you're going to get caught. it's rare and not happening and he's trying to use this as a scare tactic to build supports to intimidate and suppress the vote. >> i mention north carolina and the new push to roll back early
5:55 am
voting. the new york times reports that quote, nearly 32% of voters cast their ballots before election day in 2012. how much is it in the fight for early vote something how important is it. >> it's very important. it was a key part of barrack obama's success in 2008 and 2012. it's critically important in states like north carolina. 71% of african americans voted early compared to 48% of white voters so african americans in particular have come to rely on early voting so there's not long lines they have to wait on and that's why the 4th circuit court of appeals have been cutting them. that was evidence of a smoking gun and now after the court decision the north carolina republican party is trying to do the very thing the court said not to do. they're trying to further cut early voting. >> 13 states despite
5:56 am
pennsylvania, texas and wisconsin, 13 states still have new voting laws which because of the supreme court decision voting rights act has become even easier for some states to change their voting laws. >> this is the first election since the supreme court gutted the voting rights act and the first in 15 years without the full protection so there's still a bunch of state where is there are problems. the court remedied some of the worst laws but we have to be vigilant about what restrictions are still out there. >> thank you for your tile. >> one final note, next saturday, august 27th we'll hold a unity rally against hate and gun violence in washington d.c. my civil rights group, the national election network, will join other groups rallying at the nra headquaters. in a peaceful campaign against bloodshed and violence. for more details, go to national
5:57 am
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amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. >> the trump reboot reaching out to minority voters. will this last or is it too late? >> it's going to be america first from now on and i want our party to be the home of the african american voter once again tnchts candidates said where they stand on taxes. whose man will help the middle class more. >> we just wanted to


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